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Back dating child tax credit

At the time I was having a very hard time coming to grips with the diagnosis, so giving my brain something tangible to do, helped me, help our son. So to sum up, the first thing for this Disability Benefits.

You must get a diagnosis from an accredited medical professional (for that disability).

This is granted by the government after a successful filing of the T2201 form. If you are not interested in getting a substantial amount of money from the government, please stop reading now!

On the other hand if you are like most humans and you like money, read on and I will provide you with some simple solutions.

If your child is diagnosed, and they are in need of special schooling, you can also apply for the Education Costs to be treated as a Medical Expense.

Here is a Template Letter to apply for that as well.

You can do it with only a couple of hours work and the payout can in some cases be worth tens of thousands of dollars of after tax money.

Hey, I would love to get a job that pays ,000 per hour. This is the only tax credit which can be back dated automatically on request.

So, one by one, here are some of the tax credits that you can have back dated. The process is very easy and can add up to a substantial amount of money.

When Rhys turned 15 we had to reapply for the Disability Benefit, to stay Disabled (in the eyes of the CRA).

(Update: OK, so it was actually at age 10 that we had to reapply).

If your diagnosis is approved by the CRA the next step is to start looking for Medical and Disability related Tax implications, and asking the CRA for refunds.

You can read about that in Child Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Application Letter (Template).

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As a way of paying it forward for all the help the Blunt Bean Counter (BBC) gave me for setting up my son’s Disability Tax Credit for School Fees.