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NET MVC encourages you to specify functionality or behavior only once, and then have it be reflected everywhere in an application.Let's look at how you can take advantage of this validation support in the movie application.If you disable Java Script in your browser, then submit the form with errors, the break point will be hit. The following image shows how to disable Java Script in Internet Explorer.The following image shows how to disable Java Script in the Fire Fox browser.

I display in a Datepicker only the date portion of a Date Time field through the following code in my View Model: [Required] [Data Type(Data Type. Now; However, in my view, typing the contents of the field with a valid date, I get the error message "Please enter a valid date." When the data annotation [Data Type.You might wonder how the validation UI was generated without any updates to the code in the controller or views.The next listing shows what the public Action Result Create() // POST: /Movies/Create // To protect from overposting attacks, please enable the specific properties you want to bind to, for // more details see [Http Post] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] public Action Result Create([Bind(Include = "ID, Title, Release Date, Genre, Price, Rating")] Movie movie) method redisplays the form.NET Framework helps make your application more robust.It also ensures that you can't forget to validate something and inadvertently let bad data into the database.

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The form data is not sent to the server until there are no client side validation errors.

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