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And in the group that background is the norm.“Everyone’s just more supportive,” she said.

“Everyone understands.”Anne Gu recalled a memory that reflects the kind of experiences driving the group.

“It’s so hard because part of us wants to fit in and be in the crowd and be like them,” said Ms. “I’ve felt sad about who we are, where we come from, and just the identity that we hold.”And in Subtle Asian Traits, those differences are not so different after all; they’re the norm.

Everyday friends tag each other in memes that weigh in on a wide range of experiences.

“Memes express a culture’s belief, they tell its stories, they pass along these narratives from person to person,” said Dr.

Some people in the group have criticized Subtle Asian Traits for being too focused on the Chinese and Vietnamese diaspora.

“We have noticed that, we’re not going to deny that,” said Ms.

Careful moderation of the group, which has set its tone, is a key factor of the group’s success, said Dr. Members wanting to submit content to Subtle Asian Traits must first have their post approved by an administrator.“They provide a place where these kinds of conversations can be a lot more playful and a lot more experimental,” she said.

These days, about 3,000 posts daily keep the moderators busy, with all pitching in. Kang often scrolls through posts while on the train to university.

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Underneath the humor, weightier issues have become a topic of group discussion, such as the differing expressions of love across cultures and families.