American girls dating marriage beautiful girl russian dating

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American girls dating marriage

Many of my greatest friends are women, aged 20–25, with amazing hearts.

Trust me when I say I’m not inferring American women are bad people. I could tell they were born in the Philippines because they were all speaking tagalog.

I don’t want to downplay that or other issues like women’s rights in America. I can’t tell you how many times I would see my girlfriend’s roommates at college while walking somewhere and they wouldn’t say hi to me. But I’m going to exclude myself from this game because the odds of me hitting a goal from midfield is getting pretty ridiculous. I know this has nothing to do with dating American girls, but just in case you wanted to get an inside look on my life as a Digital Nomad/Freelance writer, I wrote a free Ebook about it as a quick introduction.

What I’m saying is that instead of criticising the mound of mashed potatoes on our dinner table, we should at least take a look at the empty one our neighbor’s have and reevaluate. In the last few days I’ve started to pay particular attention to Americans in general. I’ve mostly seen a bunch of unsympathetic, indifferent people who could care the hell less who you are. Then later when I walked through the door to visit I would get half an eye-dart thrown my way and a standoffish “Hey.” To be fair some of her other roommates were people I liked immensely. Again, this isn’t an article saying all American girls are bad apples. We live in a country that’s largely focused on the wrong things.

It was a kind of out-of-body moment where so much came into focus at once, accompanied by the sound of a bell ringing and lightbulb popping up above my head. They came out with wide smiles and told me to eat and asked me tons of questions.

It only took me two weeks to consider all of them close friends of mine. It became clear to me that Filipinos are about as unselfish as you can get.

After all, I'd watched my fellow countrymen in film and literature charm the hell out of beautiful American women.

If a bumbling buffoon like Hugh Grant could steal Julia Roberts' heart in , anything was possible.

I honestly think three of the four didn’t even look at me.

I’ve traveled across the country and spent time in more than half the states in America. As Americans we often choke on the comfort of our own lives. Tell me coming here to make 0 in a day as opposed to isn’t a miracle! We’re too focused on money and getting likes and trying to be somebody we aren’t.

We’ll get angry over student loan payments or our bosses not giving us a pay raise yet there are people in countries like the Philippines who make a day for their work. We’re stuck in perpetual bad moods because we’re not grateful or happy with anything in our lives. Then we hop in our cars to get medication for that and then take them from the comfort of our own home.

They weren't all obsessed with fame and fortune, were they?

Was American culture really as shallow as my friends had warned? She was a down-to-earth Midwesterner with ambitions in New York City theater.

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Still, when I met my first girlfriend in 2007, a ballerina who had recently moved from San Francisco, I was immediately taken aback by an overarching obsession with status and money.

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