Advice dating relationship society

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Advice dating relationship society

Also, males tend to partner up with women who are much younger than they are because of the high prospects of fecundity, and they can also remain fertile for a longer period of time than women do.This, coupled with the fact that older men have amassed resources over the years and Women tend to look into partners who have the necessary means to offer them security over a long period of time.

This is why the term single but dating is important to use.

I hated those looks when someone would ask me if I was in a relationship and I would reply, “I’m single.” It was as though I had a disease or something was wrong with me.

And the following looks would allow me to see exactly what was going through their mind.

Slutty girls are the ones who take the time, sleep around, dating lots of men and then get blamed for their own actions for still being single as though it’s a curse for slutty behaviors.

But being a former family mediator and assisting people through divorces, what I got to see was people not having enough time to work out what they really wanted for themselves and just follow with what I call the “should do” curse, living their life thinking what they were doing was what should be done.

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It was a way to say, “we are not committed to one person, but having a lot of fun dating and seeing maybe multiple people,” something society seemed to struggle with.

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