Adventures in pleasure dating

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Adventures in pleasure dating

I had a holiday in New York, I took action to find employment outside of Japan, and I received an offer within 1.5 months. Now, I’m in the hectic process of moving out, packing, selling furniture and whatnots, and counting down my days until I leave Japan for good. A couple days ago marked one of my most unpleasant days in Japan.I was on my way home from a dinner with some lovely friends.This morning some of my favorite Cantonese and English tunes found their way to my eardrums, and for some reason, tears started rolling down my cheeks as I listened to them.These songs reminded me of slices of my past in Hong Kong, Australia and the US — how, up until college I was educated in high-achieving all girls’ schools, and taught to be female leaders of the world. A couple months ago I wrote an article detailing a couple aspects of the Japanese culture that I cannot agree to, and I’ve received a storm of responses (literally) that can be basically grouped into these 4 categories: going back to a Western country.

Immediately after I wrote the article, I felt a lot better as the negative emotions went numb.

After much consideration I chose to embark in the world of online dating. I joined a reputable faith-based site or so I thought. After composing myself, I replied that it was a no-go for me and best of luck.

My emotions have run the gamut, my heart has gone through the gauntlet. I thought this was the end of the conversation, alas it was not to be.

Despite all this, the last 30 days seem to be passing at a world-record low speed.

I find myself buried in despair, anger, hatred, frustration, irritation…

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I’m going to leave the infamous cheating culture in the Japanese dating scene here because it’s a whole different issue, but if you want to learn more, click here.

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