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Hussein Hafyzov, the Chief Secretary of the Chief Mufti's Office in Bulgaria, stated that ur buildings—administrative ones and mosques in all twelve regional Mufti's Offices—have been desecrated over fifty times in the last ten years." Vandalism of mosques and religious buildings in Bulgaria rarely results in arrests or prosecution.Hafyzov reported that vandals were caught in only two or three occasions, and "the very few perpetrators who were caught were not convicted." In recent years, other attacks have been reported against Muslims in Quebec, including vandalism and hate graffiti.The following is a list of incidents characterized as inspired by Islamophobia by commentators.Islamophobia became a popular term in ideological debate in the 2000s, and it has also been retrospectively applied to earlier incidents.In Bosnia, Christian Serb and Croat militias carried out genocidal attacks on the Muslim Bosniak community.According to the ICRC data on the Bosnian Genocide, "200,000 people were killed, 12,000 of them children, up to 50,000 women were raped, and 2.2 million were forced to flee their homes." Many attacks on religious buildings and symbols took place in towns such as Foča, where all of the town's mosques were destroyed.

The attack led to violent protests by Turks in several German cities and to large demonstrations of Germans expressing solidarity with the Turkish victims.Islamophobia is the fear, hatred of, or prejudice against the Islamic religion or Muslims generally, Speakers at Reclaim Australia rallies have been known to express extremist views, with one speaker in South Australia warning of the risks of "Islamic barbarity" and encouraging those in attendance to "insult and vilify Islam five times a day if you want to"A Perth man was found guilty of assaulting a Muslim woman after a confrontation at a shopping centre in which he wished her a merry Christmas, called her a "fucking Muslim" and threw a beer bottle at her.The cartoonist also auctioned a work depicting a man having sex with a niqab-clad person, who apparently is his wife's grandmother, mistaking her for his niqab-clad wife.President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the attack as a "hateful act" and the "most inadmissible kind of racism"Solingen arson attack of 1993: The Solingen arson attack of 1993 was one of the most severe instances of xenophobic violence in modern Germany.On the night of 28 to , four young German men (ages 16–23) belonging to the far right skinhead scene, with neo-Nazi ties, set fire to the house of a large Turkish family in Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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The police had been watching the mosque because it had already been the target of multiple attacks.

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