Adolescent dating violence prevention accommodating travel

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Adolescent dating violence prevention

Session 6: Overcoming Gender Stereotypes: A writing exercise, small-group discussions and scenarios help students learn about gender stereotypes and how these stereotypes can affect dating relationships.

Session 7: How We Feel, How We Deal: Through the use of a feelings diary and a discussion of "hot buttons," students learn effective ways to recognize and handle their anger, so it doesn't lead to abusive behavior.

is an evidence-based program with strong, long-term outcomes.

It was the subject of substantial formative research in fourteen public schools in North Carolina using a rigorous experimental design.

She says the key to identifying behavior that crosses the line is the reaction of the partner.

Lawson discussed three general forms of abuse and gave examples of each (included below).Ask the victim, ‘Are you okay with me telling a counselor about this, or a favorite teacher?’”Schools should also develop a safety plan for the victim, although Lawson admits that developing safety plans for K-12 students can be challenging because the abuser likely attends the same school as the victim and may even be in some of the same classes.“It’s important to tell the victim that we all make mistakes in relationships, but that doesn’t mean the abuser is justified.I’m going to ask if we can add more members to the team.

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