Accommodating travel

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Accommodating travel

There were even some trails where we could take Buster for a stroll, and plenty of privacy and peace and quiet for us all to catch a nap.This is a scene I hope to be recreating in the very near future!It was a perfect fall day and, as we surveyed Mother Nature’s spectacular show, we noticed a campground right on the lakeshore!We zipped over and discovered it was Atherton Creek – a campground run by the National Forest Service on Lower Slide Lake – and a campsite for the day was only .Have you found other activities to do with your senior dogs?Share your tips below in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!We strung up the dogs’ zip line, hung our hammocks, unpacked the picnic goodies, and proceeded to kick back and enjoy the afternoon.We had our own picnic table and fire pit, and there were restrooms, a water spigot, and trash receptacles nearby.

Whether we’re hitting the trails in a national forest, or taking an urban hike through one of our favorite cities, he’s always ready to go.

Buster still needs to get out, and Ty considers it absolutely unacceptable to be left behind – so we’ve been looking for things we can do that allow Ty to get some rest, and still stimulate Buster’s non-stop brain.

Going for a drive has become a popular option, because Ty generally curls up in his bed and sleeps, while Buster keeps a watchful eye on everything and everyone we pass …

Now, we’re cutting that back to one longer hike (2-4 miles) and a couple of shorter ones (1-2 miles).

Just because we aren’t doing as much hiking, doesn’t mean we’re not spending time outdoors!

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Tourism has become an important source of income for many regions and even entire countries.

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