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Accommodating high levels of variable generation

As more variable renewable energy (VRE) such as wind and solar are integrated into electric power systems, technical challenges arise from the need to maintain the balance between load and generation at all timescales. "Integrating high levels of variable renewable energy into electric power systems". This paper examines the challenges with integrating ultra-high levels of VRE into electric power system, reviews a range of solutions to these challenges, and provides a description of several examples of ultra-high VRE systems that are in operation today. In overly simplistic terms, air is compressed and stored in underground caverns such as salt domes or aquifers when excess generating capacity is available and later released and heated with natural gas before passing through a series of turbines to generate electricity.Many studies that evaluate the potential impact of energy storage on grid operations base their conclusions on the characteristics, including costs, associated with advanced batteries, pumped hydro plants or compressed air storage, probably because these technologies convert their stored energy directly back into electrical power.It is interesting that ERCOT, operator of the Texas electric grid, considers only about 9% of wind nameplate capacity for peak power contributionidentifies 26 potential benefits of energy storage for the electricity grid, including several specifically related to renewable generation resources and others with a significant influence.These include: There are several fundamental characteristics of energy storage technologies that define their suitability for addressing electric grid problems, not including cost.Additionally, there are potential benefits from energy storage other than operational stability or maximizing the k Wh of renewable resources.

“Investment in energy storage is essential for keeping pace with the increasing demands for electricity arising from continued growth in U. productivity, shifts and continued expansion of national cultural imperatives (e.g., the distributed grid and electric vehicles), and the projected increase in renewable energy sources……”“One of the most promising approaches to addressing the growing limitations of the electric grid and the increasing demand for renewable energy is to incorporate stationary energy storage technologies into the U. As the renewable contribution increases, the number of variables – and goals - that must be considered expands, and the predictions become less consistent.And there is, of course, the familiar storage duty of longer term accumulation of energy at times when supply is abundant but demand is low, for release when the opposite is true.There is currently tremendous activity in advanced battery R&D.Pumped hydro storage, the technique of pumping large volumes of water to an elevated storage reservoir so that it can descend through power generating turbines at a later time, has a large installed capacity of about 20GW, with most of it installed over 30 years ago.This capacity will undoubtedly increase in the future, but siting and environmental concerns make this a lengthy and involved process. CAES is potentially capable of very high capacities but currently there is only one US installation, a 110 MW plant operating in Alabama, with a few others now proposed and in development (over 700MW total in California, Iowa and New York).

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